Fond du Lac Fire Department Warns of Swift Moving Water Dangers


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Fond du Lac Fire Department Warns of Swift Moving Water Dangers

By Raquel Lamal. CREATED Jun 3, 2014

 FOND DU LAC, Wis.- Two teen boys were playing near de Neveau creek when the creek's current was too strong and dragged them a quarter mile down stream.  A passerby called into 911 reporting what he saw.

Marci Tracy is the mother of one of the boys and she says she was surprised when she found out it was her son playing in the creek.  

"I'm very thankful somebody did call and report kids in the river because he left without telling us where he was going," said Tracy.

The Fond du Lac Fire Department was called in to rescue the boys, but they made it out safely on their own.  Now fire crews are warning parents to keep their kids away from moving waterways.

"The flow of the current is incredible and it can knock you and put you under the water in just a matter of a couple seconds," said Fond du Lac fire chief, Peter O'leary.

Crews demonstrated what to do if you get caught in a current Tuesday afternoon.  They say lay back with your feet up to avoid getting caught on something and angle your body to shore, that way the current can help you get to land.

Those are techniques Tracy hopes her son will never have to use again.

"I'm just glad everything worked out.  He learned his lesson," said Tracy.

With all the rain in the last few days the currents are so strong even the best swimmers would have a tough time, crew say.  The fire department is stressing the safest place to swim is where there is a lifeguard present.  The