Final Preparations for EAA in Place


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Final Preparations for EAA in Place

By Raquel Lamal. CREATED Jul 27, 2014

 OSHKOSH, Wis.- Pilatus chief pilot, Jed Johnson, puts the final touches in place for his airplane before opening day.

"We're driving some stakes into the ground to tie down the air craft in case we have some bad weather," said Johnson.

He's been putting his plane in the air show for more than a decade.

"This gives a chance to come out and you know maybe talk to some of the folks we don't normally see when we demonstrate the aircraft or show the aircraft off at like an MBAA," said Johnson.

People come to Oshkosh from all over the globe to witness the world's largest air show.

"We'll probably be right on track with what we've been the lats few years and that's right around 500,000," said EAA spokesperson, Dick Knapinski.

Despite the show not technically opening until tomorrow, people are already checking out the grounds, even comparing it to the Sturgis of airplanes.

"It's all here, it's all here.  We just wet to Arlington which is the smaller show on the west coast and it's nothing compared to this," said Tom Scheler of Seattle, Washington.

The festival kicks off at 7:00 Monday morning and runs through next Sunday.