Fights Break Out at Sawdust Days


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Fights Break Out at Sawdust Days

By Raquel Lamal. CREATED Jul 5, 2014

 OSHKOSH, Wis.- Sawdust Days is considered a staple in Oshkosh, going on it's 44th year this year.

"We've grown tremendously.  We started out with just a few little tents in the middle of the park and now we've grown to this where we have so many different aspects of the event," said Sawdust Days chairman, Ellen Schmidt.

A bigger event however, means bigger crowds as as attendance grows so does potential for problems.

"There's been some fights unfortunately as part of the deal, but the cops are pretty good about staying on top of that for the most part," said Andy Lubahn of Oshkosh.

Oshkosh police say they doubled their usual weekend staff of 12 officers to nearly 30.  Those officers worked to break up six fights Friday night.

"Sometimes we have issues with people who overindulge themselves," said Oshkosh police department special operations sergeant, Matt Harris.

Officers say alcohol is typically involved in most of these disturbances, but event organizers claim bartenders don't over-serve.

"They are trained to not serve anybody who seems to have overindulged," said Schmidt.

Oshkosh police will be patrolling the festival grounds Saturday night, as well as the streets looking for drunk drivers.