Emergency Response Review


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Emergency Response Review

By Brooke Hafs. CREATED Aug 19, 2013

Outagamie County--A special meeting to review emergency response and management in Outagamie County. Leaders are using the recent storm as an example of policies that need to be improved.

People are still digging out from the storm that caused more than 31 million dollars in damage to Outagamie County. This was the fourth time the county has issued an emergency declaration in just two years.

County Executive Thomas Nelson said, "If this is going to be something we do once or twice a year, then this is something that we need to be good at."

Many are still left wondering why sirens were not sounded during the storm. The policy states very clearly what sirens are for and the step by step process for when the sirens are to be signaled. The policy is to be evaluated at the meeting.

Julie Loeffelholz, the Director of Emergency Management released a statement saying, "At no point was a Tornado Warning issued for Outagamie County, thus ASI software did not activate the sirens."

She also said that the Birmingham Communications Tower near Black Creekl lost power and therefore, "sirens could not be sounded, even if the National Weather Service had issued a Tornado Warning."

Nelson said whatever comes out of tonight's meeting, it's important that the process is right.