East High School Evacuated After Gunman Found in School


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East High School Evacuated After Gunman Found in School

By Raquel Lamal. CREATED Jun 23, 2014

 GREEN BAY, Wis.- Maria Bolanos looked on in shock as officers blocked off the street to East High School, where her daughter goes to summer camp.

"My heart came out of my mouth.  I was just literally nervous coming over here and seeing all these cops here," said Bolanos.

Bolanos was one of the first parents to pick up her daughter after the evacuation of kids from East High to Washington Middle School.  The whole event took a toll on the children.

"She's nervous she doesn't want to come back," said Bolanos about her daughter.

Officers say they recovered a pellet gun and two people are in custody.

"At this time no one is in harm's way.  We believe the public is safe from this incident exclusively," said Green Bay Police lieutenant, Chad Ramos.

Officers put the school on lock down while they searched the building.  Once it was cleared, the students were pulled out of classes and brought to Washington Middle School, where parents could pick them up.

"There have been no students or staff harmed at all, so everybody is safe," emphasized Green Bay Public School District's director of communication, Lori Blakeslee.

No injuries is good news for Bolanos, but when asked if she's scared to live near the school her response was immediate.

"Yeah, yeah it does because it came close to home," said Bolanos.

There were approximately 200 students inside the school when officers were called to the scene.  Police are not releasing the names of the two people in custody, only telling NBC26 that they are juveniles.

School leaders had to cancel summer school classes for the rest of the day on Monday, but classes are expected to start back up as normal again for Tuesday.