Drivers Prep for Lineville Closures


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Drivers Prep for Lineville Closures

By Alex Hagan. CREATED Aug 17, 2014

HOWARD, WI- Significant road closures coming to a busy interchange in Howard.

The Department of Transportation says the Lineville road interchange and bridge will shut down for up to sixty days starting tomorrow.

Crews will be constructing four roundabouts and a new bridge and this could cause traffic problems with another major interchange already closed for construction.

Drivers and businesses understand the summer season is construction season, but closures at two key interchanges at the same time in the Green Bay area may be just too much to handle.

Lineville interchange gets thousands of cars of everyday which is an area with plenty of homes and businesses.

"There's a huge commercial operation of stores up the road that i don't know how we're going to get to," says Josh Phillips of Suamico.

Lineville is a pipeline to these stores such as Papa Murphy's which could take a hit.

"60 days so when it closes on Monday, we expect to be pretty slow on Monday," says Dustin Nachtwey of Papa Murphy's.

Slow moving traffic could be coming to Velp avenue now with both the Lineville and Shawano interchanges closed. That's tens of thousands of cars detouring.

"Certainly going to make it a little bit more challenging take a bit more time in the morning," says Phillips.

The DOT is encouraging drivers to use County B as an alternative until Shawano Avenue opens the first week of September.