Dog Dangers in Sheboygan


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Dog Dangers in Sheboygan

By Alex Hagan. CREATED Oct 4, 2013

SHEBOYGAN, WI- A warning for pet owners across northeast Wisconsin. Vets in Sheboygan reporting a dog ate meat laced with needles and fishhooks. The incident happened Wednesday evening between the 22 and 24 hundred block of Erie Avenue. The animal was rushed to the local animal hospital, luckily surviving. Pet owners say they're taking steps to make sure their animals are safe.

"Something like this happens because they're sniffing around in a bush and somebody has possibly left something there for them to eat that can harm them," says Rochelle Drews with the Animal Resource Center.

Dog trainers say owners should always have their animal on a leash and pay attention to what they may eat.
"Make sure that you provide training and obedience so that the dog knows what to leave, what is theirs, what's not," says Dog Trainer Rebekah Hintzman.
There was another report of a similar incident, but that has yet to be confirmed.