Digital Billboards to Catch Criminals


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Digital Billboards to Catch Criminals

By Cassandra Duvall. CREATED Sep 2, 2013

WINNEBAGO COUNTY -- The Winnebago County Sheriff's Department is using a new tool to catch criminals. Digital billboards are now advertising mug shots of those who are wanted.

“Your passengers can look,” said Natalie Abendroth, who has already noticed the billboards. 
Three billboards have six people who've allegedly committed crimes. All the space donated from Lamar, the company that owns those signs.
“We are more effective when we partner with the pubic; they're obviously our major stakeholders,” said Lt. Steve Verwiel, from the Sheriff’s Office. 
Those featured include people wanted for manufacturing cocaine, assault, and back child support.
“You don't want deadbeat dads out there, mothers need their child support,” said Abendroth.
The department wants drivers to call in if they have any tips about those wanted. 
“Their apprehension leads to a safer community,” said Verwiel.
Using a new form of mass advertising to make the streets safer.