Daytime Resource Center in Green Bay Falls Through


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Daytime Resource Center in Green Bay Falls Through

By Alex Hagan. CREATED Apr 17, 2014

GREEN BAY, WI- It's back to square one for a daytime resource center for the homeless in downtown Green Bay. The landlord for a potential site on Adams Street has backed-out after concerns from another tenant in the building.

This all comes after numerous concerns from neighbors as the homeless task force dealt their second big blow with this resource center. Now faced with the question of what to do now?
For two years now Lutheran Social Services looking for a daytime resource center to help more than four hundred homeless.
"Provide an opportunity for all those within the community and downtown area."
But Jane Jordan shot down twice.  In September a deal for a center in the Wisconsin Jobs Center basement, the landlord backs out.
Wednesday, a deal for another center at the Adams Street location, once again landlord pulling out.
Alderman Mark Steuer chair of Green Bay's homeless task force fears the organization may disband after growing frustration.
"I really feel that there are forces out there that seem to be working against us."
"I believe it's our turn."
Council President Tom DeWane says now it's up to the city.
"We got a lot of empty buildings in Green Bay so we have to build one up now."
"It will happen in Green Bay at some point in time. Tomorrow no. Two months from now, I'd be joyous."
Bob Vanderkelen the owner of the property was not interested in an interview for this story. Lutheran Social Services hoped to open this daytime resource center by June.