Cold Weather Impact on Shipping Season


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Cold Weather Impact on Shipping Season

By Alex Hagan. CREATED Jan 30, 2014

GREEN BAY, WI- Subzero temperatures are creating ice on the Bay of Green Bay. The U.S. Coast Guard hasn't seen in years and that could be a problem for the upcoming shipping season.

It may seem quiet on the Port of Green Bay right now, but director Dean Haen has a busy off-season, saying despite 2.2 million tons of cargo passing through last year cold temperatures and ice build up cut the shipping season short.
"Raw materials that were destined to come in, that were unable to come in so there's now a less supply," says Haen.
Now concerns for next season. Ice piling up on the bay and Haen eyes mid-March.
"We'll likely need to start on time," says Haen.
Ice reaching thirty inches thick in some areas not good for ships.
So how do you fix this problem? It starts with breaking the ice and the U.S. Coast Guard says its been one of the toughest years yet.
How tough?
Lt. Jason Stanko of the U.S. Coast Guard and his crew of twenty haven't seen ice like this in twenty four years.
"Busier than normal many more hours underway. A lot heavier ice thickness and ice coverage throughout all the lakes," says Stanko.
Their latest ice crushing trip lasting more than a month.
"I have complete confidence that we'll get it done," says Stanko.
It has to get done as the port has a 88 million dollar economic impact on Green Bay.