Clearing Up the Confusion: How You Can Still Watch NBC26


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Clearing Up the Confusion: How You Can Still Watch NBC26

By Raquel Lamal. CREATED Aug 23, 2013

 APPLETON, Wis.- Just because you can't see NBC26 on Time Warner Cable doesn't mean you still can't watch your favorite programs.

If you're a Time Warner Cable subscriber you've been missing out.  Football games and newscasts are all being broadcast to you, for free, all you need is an antenna.

"Most people don't realize that the picture quality of a good antenna is the best picture you can get," said President of Suess Electronics in Appleton, Tim Suess.

If you have a newer TV, built within the last nine years, there's an automatic tuning capability inside that television making it easier to hook up an antenna.

"It's just a real simple connection on the back of the TV.  It'll be labeled for antenna," said Suess.

Hook up the antenna cord, then go to the front of your TV.  Open the menu,select channels and antenna and lastly tell the TV to automatically program, it begins scanning for your free channels.

"If you live within probably ten miles of Scrays Hill, where the towers are, you probably can get by with actually a tabletop antenna.  If you live farther than that then you may need an attic antenna or a rooftop antenna," said Suess.

If you have and old set of rabbit ears, you might be able to get those to work too.  According to Suess if you don't pull the rabbit ears out all the way and put them a little bit shorter it might still work.