Clean-up Efforts Underway at Preble High School


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Clean-up Efforts Underway at Preble High School

By Raquel Lamal. CREATED Aug 9, 2014

 GREEN BAY, Wis.- Joee Demerath works pretty closely with the athletic department at Preble High School.

"The gym is kind of my life.  My life is every activity I've never missed a sporting activity or any activity that we've had going on there for 14 years," explained Demerath.  He's the assistant activities director for the high school.

Demerath lives right across the street from the gym and he says to see it damaged by the fire is tough, but what is even worse is that fall sports start up on Monday.

"Now soccer starts on Monday and all the stuff that's in there is in binders in the school on the desk, but we cannot access it and I don't know when we can access it," said Demerath.

That lack of accessibility is making it hard to process student athlete information.  

Over the weekend cleaners filled the parking lot to meet with school leaders to figure out how to best take care of things and clean up the school.  For teachers like Demerath however, they're busy trying to help anyway they can.

"I thought I'll be the first one to donate something, so I bought a microwave for the concession stand," said Demerath.

He says it's the support of the community around the school that keeps his hopes up.

"The community of Preble will always live strong," explained Demerath.

The assistant director says he has already received calls from surrounding school offering gym space and other necessities, so athletes can continue to play the sports they love.