City Council Approves St. Johns Request for More Beds


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City Council Approves St. Johns Request for More Beds

By Alex Hagan. CREATED Sep 17, 2013

GREEN BAY, WI- The Green Bay City Council has approved a capacity increase at Saint John's Homeless Shelter. The vote clears the way for the shelter to add twenty more beds.It comes after the city cited  St. John's last winter for taking in too many people.

Several Alderman expressed concerns with police calls and if the shelter will continue to violate their conditional use permits frequently at 84. Shelter volunteers reported 423 total guests this past year and 50 percent of them have gone onto permanent housing. They also say they will find other places for people to go should they reach capacity.

"We're not going to have a sign up that we're full. We're going to need to call the police department or were going to need call someone or some organization to have some plan so that person doesn't just stand out there," says Deacon Tim Reilly with the Green Bay Diocese.

Another topic brought up concerning this issue is the daytime shelter. Council members say they would feel more comfortable granting the capacity if there was a daytime shelter.

St. John's will open with 84 beds starting on November first.