Chemical Spill in Oshkosh, Evacuation Order Lifted


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Chemical Spill in Oshkosh, Evacuation Order Lifted

By Alex Hagan. CREATED Sep 13, 2013

OSHKOSH, Wis -- Neighbors back in their homes after a chemical spill on Oshkosh's south side. The leak happened around one this afternoon at Hydrite Chemical forcing people in the area to evacuate. Those around the plant say they're concerned for their safety after two similar incidents over the years. 

The most dangerous accident was in 2000.  700 homes evacuated for four days when a box car caught fire near hydrite chemical. Another spill in 2002.

Today a 7,000 gallon tank leaks muriatic acid, a very harmful chemical.Oshkosh police and fire departments sprung into action with neighbors' health as their first priority.

"Whenever you have something like this, it can turn extremely ugly very very quickly," says John Holland with the Oshkosh Fire Department.
There were no injuries reported and Hydrite Chemical is not commenting on the incident. But the Oshkosh Fire Department tells us they do training with the company to prepare for these situations.