Cardinal Timothy Dolan on Meet the Press

Image by NBC News

Cardinal Timothy Dolan on Meet the Press

By ANV_362717. CREATED Dec 1, 2013

Former Milwaukee archbishop Timothy Dolan is tackling controversies surrounding the Catholic church.

On NBC's Meet the Press Sunday morning, Dolan praised the effort by Pope Francis to shift focus on Catholics away from controversies like contraception, gay marriage and abortion.

"I don't know that it's so much the church that's obsessed with that, it's the world that's obsessed with those things.  They're always asking us about it," he said.

Dolan says he expects the fight surrounding legalizing gay marriage to continue for a long time.

"I think maybe we've been out-marketed, sometimes we've been caricatured as being anti-gay and, as much as we say, wait a minute, we're pro-marriage and pro-traditional marriage.  We're not anti-anybody," Dolan said.

On government health care, the cardinal says he agrees with the idea of coverage for all, but has a problem with the details in the President's plan.

"This isn't comprehensive, because it's excluding the undocumented immigrant and it's excluding the unborn baby.  So, we began to bristle at that.  Secondly, we said, wait a minute, we Catholics who are kind of among the pros when it comes to providing healthcare, do it because of our religious convictions and because of the dictates of our conscious and now we're being asked to violate some of those."