Cafe Opens to Help People through Addiction

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Cafe Opens to Help People through Addiction

By Mike Conroy. CREATED Sep 4, 2014

 GREEN BAY, Wis -- DarJune Cafe opened on Broadway Street in Green Bay Thursday. The sober cafe offers non-alcoholic drinks, food, music, games and support to people in recovery or struggling with addiction. Mandy Suthers who has fought her own battle with addiction came up with the idea while finishing her college degree. " If there is something to do or somewhere to go when they think they are going to relapse and there is somebody to talk with, plus they can play games, eat some food, and go to meetings, it increases their chances of staying sober," said Suthers. 

Starting mid-September the DaJune Cafe will offer addiction support groups. The cafe is also partnering with Center For Suicide Awareness to offer people tools to those struggling with suicide. Suthers business Partner Kara Mason says they want the cafe to be a safe place for people to go and seek support, "Showing people we can get through anything if we don't pick up, if you don' pick up you have choices then," said Mason.

But the cafe is meant to be fun too, " People take recovery seriously but that doesn't mean you can't have fun," said volunteer Candy Siebert. 

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