Businesses Prepare for Major Construction on Lineville Road


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Businesses Prepare for Major Construction on Lineville Road

By Raquel Lamal. CREATED Jul 16, 2014

 HOWARD-SUAMICO, Wis.-   It seems like construction is everywhere, if you drive through Green Bay on 41.

"It's kind of frustrating because you'll start going down a road and all of a sudden the exit will be closed," said Pamela Coron of Abrams.  She drives up and down Lineville road everyday for work and says things are already slow moving and heavy construction hasn't even started yet.

"It gets really backed up it's really dangerous," said Coron.

Construction only expected to increase near the overpass starting next month and lasting through October.

"We're putting in four new already seen we've demolished the original bridge and we built a new bridge there, plus we're adding bicycle and pedestrian lanes and we're adding an extra lane for traffic," explained U.S. 41 Project Communication Manager, Mark Kantola.

All that work is taking just 60 days, but businesses are bracing for it now.

"I think we're going to put a total of seven signs up directing people to our store," said owner of Uncle Mike's Bakery owner, Mike VandeWalle.

Other shops are taking a different approach and handing out maps telling customers about future changes.

"We're simply just letting our guests know where to go we're having them on the alternative exits on Velp and Sunset Beach road," explained Michell Bartlein who owns Savoye Hair Studio.

Business owners say despite the inconvenience they're glad its just a two month process.