Some Business Owners on Broadway Upset With Walmart Vote


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Some Business Owners on Broadway Upset With Walmart Vote

By Raquel Lamal. CREATED Dec 5, 2013

 GREEN BAY Wis.- Today On Broadway listened to both, business owners and Walmart for more than 3 hours before making a vote.  Their decision isn't sitting well with business owners.

Today's meeting with Walmart comes after a vote Monday where the Larsen Green board was dead-locked, voting 3 to 3 on whether to extend discussions with Walmart.

Today it was On Broadway's Incorporated's turn to hear discussions.  Only 3 business owners from the Broadway district were allowed to speak in front of On Broadway's executive board.  Cole White is the head lawyer for his firm, White Law Offices on Broadway.  He wasn't satisfied with what happened.

"I hope that it was a genuine effort to hear and gather information.  My fear is that it's a horse and pony show," said White.

"We see Walmart as part of the vision of serving downtown and of economic development in the downtown core," said Walmart spokesperson, Delia Garcia.

On Broadway executive director, Christopher Naumann says the board is listening to business owners.

"This is about the process and maintaining that process.  We're still under contract and until that contract expires, there are certain obligations we do have," said Naumann.

The meeting ended with On Broadway's executive board voting in favor of the extension.  However, not everyone on the board was happy with the decision.

The next meeting with Walmart will take place on Tuesday.  That's when the Redevelopment Authority will cast the tie-breaking vote for this extension.