Burke targets women voters in Appleton campaign stop


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Burke targets women voters in Appleton campaign stop

By Deandra Corinthios. CREATED Mar 19, 2014

APPLETON, WI --In the race for Wisconsin governor, woman's issues coming to the forefront. Democratic challenger Mary Burke makes a campaign stop in Appleton, speaking to women.

It's a strategy experts call "identity politics". Mary Burke, looking to appeal to voters in a way Governor Walker can't. Speaking to close to 100 women, Burke explains how she can relate to the challenges women face in society. She focused on equal pay for equal work, raising a family and running a household, and promising better professional opportunities for women.

"Women are a really important part of the Wisconsin workforce and we shouldn't put barriers in the way to be able to be a productive part of that," said Burke.

Governor Walker, focusing on jobs. In northeast Wisconsin Tuesday and Wednesday this week, touting a new workforce training bill. He says will boost the economy.

"It's really all about creating more people with the skills needed to fill jobs both available today and in the next couple years," said Governor Scott Walker.

While Burke's campaign ads focus on jobs-- experts believe it's an area she may struggle to come off strong.

"Voters assume a male candidate will do better on that issue," said associate professor of government at Lawrence University, Arnold Shober.

He says Burke may gain some support appealing to women.

"How that translates into votes on election day will rest on a whole lot of issues other than shared identity," said Shober.

But it's expected to be a tight race. Experts believe jobs will remain one of the biggest focal points in this election.