Leo Frigo Bridge Repairs On Track


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Leo Frigo Bridge Repairs On Track

By Katie Kozak. CREATED Nov 11, 2013

 GREEN BAY -- Work on the sagging Leo Frigo Bridge in Green Bay is progressing as planned.

According to DOT project leaders, stabilization of the bridge is complete and inspection crews were able to go onto the deck of the bridge and check out the cables supporting the bridge. Leaders with the project say they expect the investigation report to be out around the end of December.

"The ground penetrating radar as well as the bridge inspection, the cable inspection components are a couple of the final pieces that we're going to need to be able to pull together our overall investigation," says Project Chief Brian Roper.

The DOT says they're now treating this like any other construction project. Crews are about a week away from beginning around-the-clock work and leaders say they're on pace to be completed by the January 17th deadline.