Area School Districts Eye Cold Temperatures


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Area School Districts Eye Cold Temperatures

By Alex Hagan. CREATED Dec 5, 2013

FREEDOM, WI- The cold snap affecting everyone across northeast Wisconsin especially students. School districts are tracking the conditions carefully outside tonight to make sure everyone is safe. Wind chills expected to dip below zero for the next week or so here in northeast Wisconsin and it's the kind of weather that grabs the attention of every school superintendent.

In Wisconsin people know temperatures can turn on a dime. Dropping into the teens tonight and possibly below zero next week. You don't have to tell that to Freedom School Superintendent Kevin Kilstofte in charge of keeping 1,700 students safe.

"We have to  make decisions for the safety of the kids throughout the district," says Kilstofte.

Has a plan in place when wind chills drop to 20 below. No students allowed outside. If it gets any worse classes could be canceled.
"At a set temperature obviously we'll get on our parent notification system and alert everybody school will be called off for that today," says Kilstofte.
Brown County Emergency Management Director Paul Gazdik says frost bite can occur within thirty minutes with wind chills at twenty below.
"Staying inside or maybe skipping that outdoor activity if you can," says Gazdik.
School districts reminding parents to dress their kids warm. They also like to make decisions about delays or canceling class by 5-5:30 AM.