Appleton School Bus Driver Arrested for OWI

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Appleton School Bus Driver Arrested for OWI

By NBC26 Staff/Associated Press. CREATED Oct 18, 2013

APPLETON, Wis. -- Appleton Police say a school bus driver was arrested for OWI after dropping off students at school Friday morning.  Superintendent Lee Allinger says 25 to 30 students were on the bus, which runs to four elementary schools.

According to a news release from the Appleton Police Department, the driver allegedly finished his route Friday morning before being seen parking the bus and buying alcohol at a Walgreens store.  He was then seen drinking on the bus before someone called the police.

The district notified parents of children who were on the bus.

It's unclear if the driver was drinking before the route was complete.  However, Allinger says the driver violated policy and was dismissed.