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A Solution to Noise Problem Along Highway 41


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A Solution to Noise Problem Along Highway 41

By Alex Hagan. CREATED Apr 8, 2014

GREEN BAY, WI- Busy traffic on Highway 41 in Green Bay causing noise complaints from neighbors particularly between Mason Street and Lombardi Avenue.

The DOT announcing they have a solution.

 Homes are located right up against the busy highway. Neighbors asking for noise barriers for some time now. Finally getting their wish.
"It's gotten a lot louder as the years have gone on."
Rob Miller hears it everyday. 93,000 cars and road construction on Highway 41 between Lombardi and Mason.
Neighbors living within 100 feet tired of it. Have been asking for noise barriers since last year.
"Most of us in this neighborhood, we sit out in the front just because you can't really use your backyard because you can't have a conversation," says Miller.
In a public meeting to discuss the Highway 41 Project the DOT listens. Building noise barriers from 172 to Mason Street ranging from 8 to 21 feet. Designed to limit noise within five hundred feet.
"25-30 years from now with the traffic volumes and the noise barriers in place they will have less noise than what they currently have," says Kurt Peters with the DOT.
The DOT will begin constructing these noise barriers this year and finish by 2016.