911 Call Released from Ripon Fire


Video by nbc26.com

911 Call Released from Ripon Fire

By Alex Hagan. CREATED Dec 18, 2013

RIPON, WI- For the first time we're hearing a frantic 911 call reporting a fast-moving fire in Ripon. The flames destroyed three buildings and left seven families homeless last Wednesday. Investigators still trying to find the cause.

The call is from a mother of sixteen month old twins trying to get her family out and describing the chaotic scene. Now one week later, the city is still recovering.

Frantic calls released from the destructive Ripon fire.

911 operator: "do you see flames or smoke?

Caller: "flames, lots of them. Lots of flames."

A woman describing the inferno. You can hear her trying to get her family out of the burning building.

Caller: "we're just trying to get out of here."

Child: "we gotta go."

Caller: "where's his blue blanket."

911 operator: "i need you to get everybody out of there."

Caller: "we're getting out. I need his blanket. Stay down!"

The devastation impacting the community.

"Numerous possible accidental explanations."

Ripon Police Chief Dave Lukoski says there are no criminal acts involved, however a cause is still unknown.

"But now we can concentrate on building the community back to where it was," says Lukoski.

For the 26 people who lost their home, help pours in. Amy Pollesch collecting donations. Four hundred bags worth since last Wednesday. 

"This little community has been incredible, but its really been a statewide effort," says Pollesch.

"Rough time for people for them to be losing all their stuff. Just think it's the right thing to do," says Donor Jacob Clark.

The people of Ripon helping their neighbors get back on their feet. 

The Ripon Police Department says the insurance company will conduct its own investigation in about two to three weeks.