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Oshkosh Pub Crawl Concerns


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Oshkosh Pub Crawl Concerns

By Alex Hagan. CREATED Oct 11, 2013

OSHKOSH, WI- Concerns over binge drinking, vandalism, and rowdiness as thousands of people are expected to participate in tomorrow's pub crawl in Oshkosh. While some feel it's good for business others say it gives the city a bad reputation.

The university has voiced its concerns about the safety of these events as it could lead to risky behavior. However organizers say they work with bar owners and law enforcement to make sure that doesn't happen. 

"We pay for all the extra police and the barricades and all that stuff which we've been doing for years," says event organizer Joe Kubiak.

But some people say it goes overboard. Pastor Luke Telford says it promotes bad behavior causing more criminal acts such as vandalism.

"Drunkenness is the focus and that just takes away from our reputation rather than building up," says Telford.

Event organizers pay about five thousand dollars to cover the costs of added security during the event.