Green Bay Stray Concerns

Green Bay Stray Concerns

By Deandra Corinthios. CREATED Jul 11, 2013

GREEN BAY, WI -- It's been just over one month since the city decided animals lost in Green Bay city limits would no longer go to the Bay Area Humane Society. The strays now go to Packerland Veterinary Center which is causing some confusion among pet owners searching for lost animals. And it's creating space problems at another local shelter.

A big change for Packerland Veterinary Center in the last few weeks. It's now where all stray animals found in Green Bay city limits are taken. Clinic leaders say so far they've taken in about 200 animals and reunited 26 percent with their owners.

They say a few have been euthanized for medical reasons, but the vast majority don't stay for long.

"After seven days the pets are mostly transferred to another adoption facility. We mostly work with Happily Ever After, but we have some breed rescues such as rat terrier resuce we worked with as well," said Chris Devener, a vet technician at Packerland Veterinary Center.

Happily Ever After couldn't do an on camera interview, but they say the new influx of animals from Packerland has "stretched resources" and space is running out. They're asking for the community's help to give the animals a home, volunteer or donate money.

At the Bay Area Humane Society they're still taking in strays from outside the Green Bay area but because their stray population is much smaller, leaders say they're able to focus more on community outreach, and taking in more animals surrendered by their owners.

"Offering our low cost vaccine clinics, low cost spay-neuter, to prevent more animals from coming into the shelter or getting lost, focusing heavily on our education programs with the childrentoo" said director of Animal Welfare for BAHS, Kelly Sears.

Packerland, Happily Ever After and the Bay Area Humane Society all stress now is still a transition period, and if your animal is lost: check all shelters.