UW System Tuition Freeze

UW System Tuition Freeze

By Raquel Lamal. CREATED May 16, 2013

Governor Scott Walker has revised his budget for Wisconsin, freezing tuition for the University of Wisconsin System for the next 2 years.  Walker submitted his revised budget last night after finding out the UW system had a $650 million surplus.

Members of the Wisconsin Department of Administration say by freezing tuition they're allowing UW schools to look at their process and budget better in the future.

Brittany Schreiner is a senior at UW-Green Bay and she says a freeze on tuition is great news for students.

"When you're a full time student and you're trying to work full time too that's a lot of time and you can't devote all that time to your homework and to making sure you perform well at your job," said Schreiner.



That's not the same story University employees are saying though.  Those who work for the University say this freeze could be a problem and how big of a problem remains yet to be seen.

"The impact of that tuition freeze right now we don't know because we are working with the UW system to assess that impact," said Kelly Franz.  Franz is the vice chancellor of business and finance at UW-Green Bay.

Since 2007, UW's tuition has risen every year by 5.5 percent.  That means 40 percent of the total money brought into the UW system came from student's wallets.  Schools say that money is typically used to help with programs on campus.

"What we will have to do in the University of Wisconsin colleges is of course work through what the cuts entail and what the project means for our particular institution," said Martin Rudd the Executive Officer at UW-Fox Valley.

As for Schreiner, she's not worried abou the cuts effecting programs on campus, in fact she believes the freeze will be a good thing all around.

"Anything that can help me just finish is obviously a very positive thing for me and for other students as well," said Schreiner.

Leaders with both UW-Green Bay and UW-Fox Valley say the tuition freeze will certainly bring about some changes, but now they're just waiting so see exactly what those changes will be.