Suspicious Death Victim Identified

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Suspicious Death Victim Identified

By Alex Hagan. CREATED May 13, 2013

GREEN BAY, Wis. -- We now know the name of the man at the center of a suspicious death investigation in Green Bay.

Officers say 49-year-old Daniel Kuehl was found dead friday night inside his home on ashland avenue. Tonight a full investigation is underway as crews work to determine exactly how he died.
Mr. Kuehl lived at this home by himself. Police are not releasing any more information on his death, however neighbors tell us they suspect more is at play here. 
At the 200 block of North Ashland Avenue a squad car sits on the corner in front of a home taped off. Police have been seen searching the house for the past three days after 49 year old Daniel Eric Kuehl was found dead. 
"Last couple days all they've been doing is watching," says John Calhoon of Green Bay.
Neighbors know something is wrong with rumors swirling around. 
"They don't tape the property off for no reason and then stick a squad car out," says Dan Thyne.
One woman who didn't want go on camera says kuehl was her landlord and never had any problems with him. 
Police have been standing guard outside the house since friday night and neighbors tell me that they've been knocking on doors trying to find out more information.
"We've been hearing from the neighbors that there was a little bit of concern early on but the police have been reassuring them that there is no danger to us." says Calhoon.
But even with no threat around the home. 
"You don't like to see it happen in your neighborhood, no," says Andrew Kruse-Ross of Green Bay.
Three days later with police still there neighbors say they have more questions and not enough answers. 
Police are asking anyone who has had contact with Mr. Kuehl to contact them. They say any minor information could help in the investigation.