Suspicious Death in Green Bay


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Suspicious Death in Green Bay

By Raquel Lamal. CREATED May 11, 2013

A city on edge after a man is found dead in downtown Green Bay.  Tonight neighbors are concerned after little information is given out and questions are still unanswered. Some say they're even worried about their safety.

Neighbors say last night around 9:00pm is when it all started.  They heard sirens, saw flashing lights and police cars surrounding a house in their neighborhood.  Today those neighbors are searching for answers.

"It kind of worries me because they don't know exactly what happened yet," said Jesse Perez.  Perez has lived in Green Bay all his life and in fact he grew up in the area of town that now has police on watch at a house around the clock.



"The city's near west side has gotten a lot worse than it has been since I grew up," said Perez.

Police swarmed a house in the 200 block of North Ashland Avenue around 9:00pm Friday.

"I mean it was like a strobe light in our house," said William Peters as he described all the flashing lights outside his home.

Peters and his family live in the house right next to where, according to police, the 49 year old man was found dead.  He says he never really saw too much going on.

"As far as I knew it was an older woman taking care of the house.  It's been vacant, or so I assumed, since we moved in," said Peters.

Neighbors say they never saw anything that would have made them suspicious.

"In the past few days there was an elderly woman bringing stuff to the streets," said Tiffany Cole, a neighbor who occasionally saw activity around the house.

Perez says although this death is a tragedy he doesn't feel threatened.

"I feel pretty safe because the Police Department in Green Bay they're pretty good at making sure the public is alright," said Perez.

Currently the Green Bay Police Department is refusing to comment any further due to the pending investigation.  What they do say is at this time they do not belive there is any danger to the public.