Gun Zone Phone App

Gun Zone Phone App

By Katie Kozak. CREATED Mar 27, 2013

 A new mobile phone app makes it easier to carry or avoid concealed weapons.

"GunFreeZone," designed by mobile phone app company, will identify the nearest 20 locations, including businesses, churches, and schools, as either firearm friendly, or gun-free. The app clearly identifies gun-free zones on a map to alert anyone with a concealed weapon help avoid those locations and avoid an untintentional offense. At the same time, people concerned about concealed guns can identify these free zones where they might feel safer.

When a user opens the GunFreeZone App, the phone utilizes GPS to find its location and the nearest 20 stores. Touching a stores name brings up the page where users can select to mark the store as either a gun-free zone or firearm friendly. The app tracks how many people have marked the location as either firearm friendly or a gun free zone. That information is shared with every other user of the app.

You can download this app for free from your phone's app store.