Mental Health Task Force Hearing


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Mental Health Task Force Hearing

By NBC26 Staff. CREATED Mar 27, 2013

NEENAH, Wis.--Wisconsin lawmakers are touring the state to help improve mental health care.

The mental health task force held a public hearing Wednesday at Theda Clark Medical Center in Neenah to learn more about the barriers providers and the community may be facing.

Thedacare executive director of behavioral health Jean DeKeyser speaks out to bring down the barriers.

"We have a problem with access to care. Part of that has to do with fewer and fewer providers are getting into this line of work because of the different types of challenges," DeKeyser said.

DeKeyser says another challenge, sharing her patients' information with primary care doctors.

But republican representative Jim Steineke of Kaukauna and other lawmakers who make up the mental health task force are here to listen.

"It's a perfect place for us to come get some real good ideas as far as how we can be innovative and how as a legislature help them do their jobs in an even better way," Steineke said.

The task force will take their concerns back to Madison to find ways to improve mental health care and raise awareness in Wisconsin.

"In my nursing background, we were taught body, mind and spirit. Somehow we divided the body with the mind and the spirit, and we have an opportunity to bring that back together again. It's very exciting," DeKeyser said.

Next up for the mental health task force, they'll be holding a public hearing in Milwaukee.