2 men detained after showing up with rifles at Appleton Farmers Market

Image by Courtesy of Quaid Rail

2 men detained after showing up with rifles at Appleton Farmers Market

By Jaclyn Brandt. CREATED Sep 13, 2013

APPLETON - Two men showed up at Appleton’s farmers market last weekend with rifles and guns in tow, and police officers took notice.

Twenty-seven-year-old Charles Branstrom and 22-year-old Ross Bauman were let go by police without being charged, or even cited, according to the Journal Sentinel. They showed up at the farmers market each carrying an AR-15 rifle over their shoulder, and a gun in a holster.

But gun advocates across the Internet have been expressing anger over the fact that the two men were handcuffed and held at gunpoint. Others are upset the two pulled such a “foolish and dangerous stunt.”

"I would never blame police for following up on 'man with a gun' calls, but they still have to behave within the limits of the law and abide by people's constitutional rights," Nik Clark, president of Wisconsin Carry, Inc., told the Journal Sentinel. "I believe the police were acting outside of their legal authority when they pointed guns at the individuals and involuntarily detained them."

Appleton Police are staying quiet on the subject, releasing only a prepared statement. The statement said the department responded to a call about the men and briefly detained them. After determining there was no harmful intent, they released them. They added that they consider this issue resolved.