Aaron Rodgers visits leukemia survivor Brandon Novack

Aaron Rodgers visits leukemia survivor Brandon Novack

By Stephanie Graham, Melissa McCrady. CREATED Mar 22, 2013

BELGIUM - 23-year-old cancer survivor Brandon Novack from the Town of Belgium in Ozaukee County thought he was doing an interview for the MACC Fund. Then, Packers #12 came to the door!

It's the latest installment of the 'It's Aaron' video series, where Aaron Rodgers partners with the MACC Fund and Milwaukee attorney David Gruber to interview cancer survivors.

Brandon says Aaron was just like any normal guy. "He just he just kept the conversation going, and he was really easy to talk to."

Brandon fought leukemia for more than 2 years, starting at the age of 12. Even though he went through painful treatments, Brandon says the hardest part was watching what cancer did to his family.

"I think seeing my family just having to watch me go through all that," he recalls.

Brandon's mom Joanie admits it's tough to look back at those times, but she feels so blessed. "Watching your child suffer, so you don't know if you're gonna get those milestone moments... but we got to see him graduate high school, and college."

Now.--another milestone for Brandon--playing catch with his idol!

"Getting to play catch with an NFL quarterback is, I don't know, that's a lot of kids' dreams to do that, so... it took me back to my childhood, what I maybe missed out on, and that's pretty cool," Brandon says.

Although the Novack family loves sports, they are most impressed by the star quarterback's compassion.

Joanie gushes, "He's so genuine, I truly do believe he cares about the kids, and the battles."

Aaron also signed a jersey for Brandon, with a special message: 'Follow your dreams, find what you love, and put everything you have into it.'

It's a message Brandon takes to heart, as he hopes his story inspires other children fighting cancer.

"Just keep fighting, keep pushing on, and good things will come," Brandon says.

Good things are coming to Brandon! He recently started an internship at Harley Davidson, and says he loves going to work everyday.

You can watch his entire video. Here's a link.