190-Proof Liquor May Run Dry in Wisconsin


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190-Proof Liquor May Run Dry in Wisconsin

By Alex Hagan. CREATED Dec 31, 2013

GREEN BAY, WI- The Wisconsin State Legislature is taking up a bill that would ban high-potency liquor like 190-proof Everclear. Last month a 22 year old Wisconsin man died drinking Everclear mixed with Gatorade and Red Bull prompting a push to ban the potent liquor. However, here in Green Bay, on one of the biggest drinking nights of the year bar and liquor store owners are not supporting it.

The Centers for Disease Control says about 88 thousand people die from excessive alcohol use a year, sometimes hard liquor like Everclear is the problem. A bill circulating through Madison to ban the drink. A ban representative Andre Jacque of De Pere says fourteen other states have done.

"Minnesota, Michigan, Iowa that already have 190-proof alcohol ban. Really seems to make sense," says Jacque.

But business owners in Green Bay see it as a gateway to more bans.
"What's to stop them from next month dropping to 120 or to 80 or to 0," says 
Ed Gerczak of Allouez Liquor says 190 proof liquor isn't the most popular, but does sell and a ban could have implications on his business.
"Going back and re-changing laws which ultimately changes our industry," says Gerczak.
This bill is gaining bipartisan support in the legislature and could be voted on next year.