Driver continues to touch many lives, on and off football field

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Driver continues to touch many lives, on and off football field

By Cody Holyoke. CREATED Jan 31, 2013

MILWAUKEE - Years from now, we may see Donald Driver's face in various halls of fame for his 14 years with the Packers. But it's the 20 minutes he spent with a cancer survivor that made a difference in the little boy's life.

Trenton Carr has achieved more in 11 years than many people have in a lifetime. He beat leukemia twice, and grew up watching Driver.

"I liked him because he's part of the Packers, and that's really the only football games I watch," said Carr.

In 2010, Carr was battling cancer, when Driver was scheduled to visit his school. Doctors let him leave the hospital, and he thought he was just going to be in the crowd.

But Drive had another plan, stealing him away for some one-on-one time.

"I thought it was really cool, because not a lot of people get to do that," Carr said.

Driver gave the boy advice, his books, a game ball and even his cell phone number.

“He actually answered, and we talked," Carr said.

Trenton is one of many people touched by Driver's kindness off the field, whether it’s softball games or fashion shows. Parents and fans can tell, he cares.

"That's awesome that those guys still take their time to spend with children and do the things they do," said Jason Carr, Trenton’s dad.

As for Trenton, he's healthy, and wishes Driver the best.

"Happy I got to know him," he said.

Trenton has not called Driver's phone lately, but says he's going to - to wish him a happy retirement.