School House Moved

School House Moved

By Jennifer Dodd. CREATED Jan 3, 2013

     KEWAUNEE COUNTY, WI -- A small school house built in the 1800's and a special part of Kewaunee County history, has found a new home.  What once served as a school will now be preserved to help educate future generations on the rich history of this area.  

There's nothing quite like watching a huge a wooden school house inch into view.  A bit of history on wheels and no one knows the history better than Jerry Sinkula.  "I attended this school.  I graduated from 8th grade in this school in 1961."  

This may look like just four wooden walls but it's so much more.  In 1897 the tiny rooms inside these wooden walls were filled with the sounds of shchool children of all ages.  It cost a whopping $200 to build back then.  "It was build by the land my great grandfather had donated and he helped build the school. "  Sinkula says the school represents so much more than what  you see. 

"The school represents one of many schools in this county.  At one time, we had 64 cheese factories.  We're down to one.  But there were more schools than cheese factories, probably a school every four miles or so. " 

The last classes were held here in 1968.  Shortly thereafter the doors were closed.  Until now.  When the school was hoisted onto a trailer and moved a few miles down the road.  To its new home at the heritage farm.

"I'm from the school that believes you don't know where you're going until you know where you've been.  It's true."  The building will be fully restored to what it originally looked like and used to help educate the community. Sinkula says something of a functional museum.