What Should Gov. Walker Spend Your Money On?

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What Should Gov. Walker Spend Your Money On?

By Jonathon Gregg. CREATED Nov 26, 2012

Green Bay-- Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker is kicking off a state-wide tour Tuesday to hear from you, about how he should approach spending in next year's budget. He focusing on five key areas including "Jobs," "Developing Workforce," "Education," Government Reform," and "Infrastructure."

"Over the next several weeks I want to have a conversation with you, the people of Wisconsin about the best ways and best ideas to fix problems and build a better state," Walker begins in an on line video about the tour.  At the forefront is creating jobs and training the workforce.

"The days of getting a high school education and being educationally set for life has pretty much gone the way of the dinosaur," says Kramer Rock. Rock has run "Temployment," a temp-service company in Green Bay for more than 30 years. In that time, the kinds of jobs available have changed from a lot of "manual labor" and "blue collar" jobs to... "Service, service service. Years ago you brought brawn, a strong back to the job, now you have to bring a brain." Rock says, government initiatives to help train people for skilled manufacturing jobs is a good thing if tax-payer money is not wasted. "I would suggest to the governor if you're gonna do it, get as much information as possible, just don't throw money at it because it makes you feel good."

The "Talk with Walker Tour" will also stop in La Crosse, Eau Claire, Wausau and the Milwaukee area.