Hurricane Sandy, Stuck in New York

Hurricane Sandy, Stuck in New York

By Jonathon Gregg. CREATED Oct 30, 2012

Wisconsin-- Hurricane Sandy has been causing havoc for Wisconsinites trying to get home from the East Coast. Airports up-and-down the eastern seaboard are either shutdown or still canceling flights, but not everybody was trying to get out of the storm's path.


This isn't the first time JoAnn Coffelt has worried for her husband. "I wait for phone calls because he's on call 24-7 while he's out there," Coffelt said. She and husband Collin live in Bellevue. Collin works for a sub-contractor to FEMA, coordinating clean-up for disasters like Sandy. He shipped out Sunday to Farmington, Long Island. He landed, not long before the storm hit. "What I said to him was, be careful and be safe and you better come back."

Collin sent his wife of 22-years a picture of a roofing shingle, sliced into the side of a building. "And I'm at home and I'm not sleeping because he's out there. I don't like this but it's what he does."

While Coffeltt was flying into New York, the Londres of Appleton were trying to cut their big-city vacation short. "We knew the storm was coming in and I had called the airline to see if we could try and get a flight out sooner knowing that this was going to be coming," said Khara Londre on the phone.  In Manhattan since last Wednesday, Ryan, Khara and their four children are stuck until at least Thursday. "It was intense. It was probably the worst I've seen with rain and wind that I've witnessed in my life," husband Ryan added.