Armstrong Decision Felt in Fox Valley


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Armstrong Decision Felt in Fox Valley

By Heather Burke. CREATED Aug 24, 2012

The shocking end to Lance Armstrong’s years-long scandal is rocking the biking community across the country. Even people in Northeast Wisconsin are talking about the legendary racer's decision to stop fighting the allegations. 

Peter Coons manages "Wheel & Sprocket" in Grand Chute. He also competed against Armstrong back in 1996. Coons is shocked about Armstrong’s titles wiped away. 
"Whenever someone's a champ they say well he's got some advantage over the competition, and I think that goes along with being the best in the world,” Coons said. “I think if everyone was on drugs Lance would've won. If everyone was not on drugs Lance would've won. He was the best cyclist in his era and taking away his tour victories are not really fair."
 Cyclist Conor Fitzpatrick says Armstrong is not losing seven tour titles alone. 
“By targeting him you're ruining the industry for everyone else,” Fitzpatrick said.
 An industry more like family. That's why Coons plans on leaving Livestrong bikes in the store.
"Hopefully he'll be able to remain strong with what he wants to do and get out of his legal traps that are there as well,” Coons said.
Many cyclists tell us Armstrong is still a winner in their eyes with or without the titles.