Update: Green Bay to Keep Fire Station #1 Open

Update: Green Bay to Keep Fire Station #1 Open

By Deandra Corinthios. CREATED Aug 21, 2012

GREEN BAY, WI --The Green Bay Fire Department plans to keep Fire Station one open for at least the next 30 days after appearing at Tuesday night's Common Council meeting. The city will look into ways to save money during that time.

Council members listened to concerns over the impact of shutting down the station to cut overtime costs. Firefighters say the move would affect the whole city. Engine 1 covers much downtown Green Bay.

Initially, a decision was made to close Fire Station One to cut a $700,000 dollar city budget deficit. The Mayor Fire Chief and Assistant Fire Chief approved the action. 

But firefighters said the closing will seriously hurt response time. The union president says Engine 1 is the backup to much of the west side of the city,  and if other engines are tied up there won't be enough resources to respond.

"It becomes this domino effect that you're depleting your resources much faster than you would have prior to engine one being open, said union president Chad Bronkhorst.

"Yes it can't help but decrease some type of service, but by the same token, we have to listen to the people who are for it organizing it, proposing it, that would be the mayor, chief, assistant chief," said District 1 Alderman, Jerry Wiezbiski.

After a long night of talking about the issue, it was decided city council members will sit down with the mayor and look for other ways to eliminate the city's budget deficit.