Slow Down! Wisconsin Speeders Getting Pinched

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Slow Down! Wisconsin Speeders Getting Pinched

By Jonathon Gregg. CREATED Aug 10, 2012

Rosendale, WI--The Fond du Lac County Sheriff's Department is focusing on a problem stretch of highway. They say traffic and speeding is getting "out of hand" on a stretch of Highway 26, a common short-cut between Northeast Wisconsin and Madison. On Friday. officers got extra help slowing drivers down.


   Rosendale, Wisconsin: Famous for its "chicken bbq." Infamous for its traffic "1,2,3...Here comes a whole line of them," counts farmer Dave Duve. It's one of the busiest roads in Fond du Lac County, and apparently a lot of these drivers are running late "That's what one of the deputies told me, one said he was late for something in Madison," recalls Lt. Rick Olige.

   10,000 cars a day travel on this two-lane highway according to the Wisconsin Department of Transportation, even more during Packers home games.  There isn't much officers can do about the growing number of drivers on 26 but there is something they can do about the speeding.

   Drivers are going 70, 75, 80 miles per hour, in a 55. Lt. Olige and six deputies are trying to slow down a growing problem. "We've noticed over the past couple of years, every year it seems to get a little heavier and speeds seem to get higher and higher," Lt. Olige adds. Police often getting phone calls from neighbors, "Asking us to come sit in our driveway. Come hide in my driveway, they say."

   Farmer Dave Duve isn't surprised,  "They just don't slow down. They do, 70 plus." Today isn't your usaul crackdown. The Wisconsin State Patrol, spotting speeders from the sky and giving deputies like Eric Hallbach, "the go-ahead." Tickets start at $175 and go up from there. At last count Lt. Olige and his men had made 62 traffic stops Friday. They were covering about a 5 mile stretch of road. Officers really trying to get the word about enforcement on Highway 26, with this much traffic, it's even more dangerous when people speed.