Dogs Used for Wolf Hunt?

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Dogs Used for Wolf Hunt?

By Cassandra Duvall. CREATED Aug 9, 2012

APPLETON, WI - Humane Societies around the state are filing a law suit against the Wisconsin DNR over the state's upcoming wolf hunt.

The humane societies say under current rules, dogs are allowed to be used in the hunt for wolves. Guidelines are not clear-cut, and might put dogs in harm's way.
The Fox Valley Humane Association said their main concern is the safety of animals. 
"Wolves are predatory animals, and they're very complex animals," said Liz Pirner, with the Fox Valley Humane Association.
Pirner said rules are not specific. There are no breed restrictions, no training specifications, and no leash rules. That leaves the dogs in danger. 
“We put the stay in just because we would rather have these issues dealt with ahead of time, rather than the repercussions of what could happen afterward," said Pirner. 
The DNR issued this statement:
“We are disappointed with the reported news of a pending lawsuit. We are now in the process of reviewing the documents that we received late on Wednesday afternoon, August 8."
Dale Raby, a hunter and gun store manager said he thinks hunters will use common sense when it comes to dogs. 
"You're not going to send a dog out for a pack of wolves and have it get torn to pieces. It isn't going to happen," said Raby. "Dogs are expensive. Even if you overlook the possibility they're like family members already, they're pets."
Raby said the dogs would most likely be used for tracking. 
The Fox Valley Humane Association wants the DNR to study dogs in the hunt more closely before allowing them to be used this season. 
The wolf hunt runs from October 15th through next February.