Mystery Solved! Police ID Car Found in Fox River

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Mystery Solved! Police ID Car Found in Fox River

By Mike Conroy. CREATED Jun 27, 2012

GREEN BAY, Wis.--The Green Bay Police Department says it has enough information to solve the mystery surrounding a car discovered buried deep in the Fox River.

According to investigators, the car is a 1975 Plymouth Valiant and was reported stolen in 1979. The owner of the vehicle was Paul Renard who died in a boating accident on June 3rd in the Bay of Green Bay.

Officers report the car was empty after it was pulled from the Fox on Tuesday. Evidence technicians sifted through a large quantity of silt that was in the vehicle.  It appears that a tire iron was used to push the accelerator down to the floorboard and the vehicle’s transmission was in drive.

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The Mystery began to unfold after a survey company discovered the car while scanning the Fox River with sonar equipment on Friday. Dive teams used airbags to lift the car to the surface just off Cherry Street in Downtown Green Bay.

A license plate led investigators to Minnesota, where the owner's family was notified. The Plymouth will be destroyed according to the family's wishes.