UPDATE: Charlie Knuth Undergoes Tests in Hospital


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UPDATE: Charlie Knuth Undergoes Tests in Hospital

By Kasey Hott. CREATED Jun 15, 2012

DARBOY - Friday was another rough day in the hospital for Charlie Knuth of Darboy. The six-year-old is suffering from a rare and painful skin disease, and had to be rushed to a Minnesota hospital Thursday. Now, friends, family and even strangers are rallying around Charlie and his family and praying for a quick and speedy recovery.

Charlie's mother, Trisha Knuth, says Charlie was taken to the hospital when she noticed he was lethargic and extremely pale. Friday, doctors conducted a number of different blood tests.

"We're waiting on results of the lab to find out what infection is growing in his blood and what type of virus he has," she said.

Trisha says it's difficult to see her little boy in so much pain.

"He has wounds that are painful, and he hasn't had to experience in the past - since his transplant. He's just very sick," said Knuth.

Charlie's story has made it all around the world, and many feel invested in his future.

"Just everything that he's had to go through - the family, and all the money they had to raise to help him to get better.. it's been inspiring, to say the least," said Jakob Scholl, who lives in Darboy.

Trisha says she's confident Charlie will pull through, and adds that she's beyond grateful for the love and support of people all throughout Northeast Wisconsin.

"It just makes me feel like there's people there for us. To know people are praying - and then realize what he's going through means the world," she said.