Pedophile Priest Denied Permanent Residency


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Pedophile Priest Denied Permanent Residency

By Brian Miller. CREATED Jun 13, 2012

Green Bay-- Former Green Bay priest and convicted pedophile Donald Buzanowski made an appeal to the sex offender residency board Wednesday asking to live on his own. His request was denied, in part because he could not promise the board he won't offend again. He appeared before the board three weeks after being released from prison for molesting a young boy in 1988. He was sentenced to 32 years in prison back in 2005, he served 6 years of that sentence.  

Buzanowski is required to wear a GPS monitoring device on his ankle that alerts police when he enters restricted areas.


"He is a high level risk to re-offend and because that the GPS may say you can't go to a park, you can't go to a church you but if you're walking down the street or if you are 5 feet from your own building that you're allowed to be in you can still molest a child, and that's really the concern that we had,” said board president Dean Gerondale.

The board will allow Buzanowski to stay in transitional housing, basically a halfway house for sex offenders, even though Buzanowski's case worker says there are currently no rooms available. Buzanowski can stay in the transitional housing for up to 90 days.  Board members say they likely will never allow him to live within Green Bay city limits.