Sharing the Lanes


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Sharing the Lanes

By Cassandra Duvall . CREATED Jun 8, 2012

GREEN BAY, WI – Drivers and bicyclists get ready to share the road! Around Green Bay, you may have noticed new signs, called Sharrows.  They’re designed to show drivers this is a shared lane where bikes and cars can travel together.

There are five miles of new routes for the shared lanes. This project was made possible from a $45,000 sustainable energy grant. And with more than 120 events planned for the downtown area this summer, people need to get ready to share the road.

"I’m sure that it's something they'll get used to,” said Dawn Goodman, a member of the Bay Shore Bike Club.

But Goodman said she was a little hesitant when riding her bike down Washington St.  Friday afternoon.

"You still have to remember the cars are behind you and you have to follow the rules of the road,” she said.

The new “Sharrow Lane” allowed Goodman to travel in front of cars, where bikes have the right of way. But depending on the width of the street, it could be “Take the Lane,” where bikes and cars can travel side-by-side.

"We don't want the shared use lanes to be viewed as limiting bicyclists as to where they should go,” said Nick Sparacio with Green Bay Planning and Development.

The new icons are painted on roads throughout the city.  The Planning Committee said they want to make it easier for everyone to get where they're going.

"The goal for bicyclists is to be visible, predictable and courteous," said Sparacio.

Stadium Bike manager, Randy Bailey, explained how to stay safe, by wearing helmets and bright colored clothing. Along with biking in areas you feel comfortable with.

"Many of us are drivers of cars as well, so when we're on our bikes, follow the same rules,” said Bailey. "Bicyclists should go with the flow of traffic, not against it."

Other cities like Eau Claire and Madison are using the shared lanes.