Large Turnout Expected for Bellin Run


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Large Turnout Expected for Bellin Run

By Kasey Hott. CREATED Jun 8, 2012

GREEN BAY - It's the eve of the Bellin Run, and you can catch it live on NBC26 on Saturday morning beginning at 7AM.

Friday evening, hundreds picked up their race packets at Astor Park in Green Bay. Organizers are busy preparing for large crowds and potentially dangerous weather conditions.

"In the past six years, we've set records every year. This year, we're tracking pretty close to what we did last year - so hopefully if the weather cooperates, we'll have another record year," said Bellin Run Executive Director Randy Van Straten.

19,000 people are expected to run in this year's race, and with high temperatures in the forecast, medical crews are planning ahead.

"We have over 100 medical personnel that will be on the street and in the medical tents along the course and at water stations throughout the entire course," said Bellin Run Medical Director Roland Schmidt.

"We've increased the size of every water station on the course by two times. We've tripled the amount of water on the course, and we've added ice to the course," said Van Straten.

Race directors are also adding misting areas and cold water immersion tanks along the course and at the finish line. They're even asking people who live along the course to help out.

"It's be great if the neighbors along the course could get out their garden hoses, get out their sprinklers, and really help cool down the participants as they go by," said Van Straten.

Medical experts say runners should begin hydrating now, and shouldn't be afraid to take it slow during the race.

"If you feel like you need to walk, walk a little bit. It's okay. It's the Bellin Run - but it's okay to walk," Van Straten said.

The race begins at 8:00AM on Saturday. Race directors are currently expecting moderate race conditions - meaning runners should slow down, wear light clothing, and drink plenty of water.