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Governor Walker Working to Move Forward


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Governor Walker Working to Move Forward

By Kasey Hott. CREATED Jun 7, 2012

STURGEON BAY - Governor Scott Walker visited a Sturgeon Bay business Thursday where he spoke about his plan to bring a divided state together again.

The governor received a warm welcome at Pro Products, a machine manufacturing company. He touted the company as one of the many that are adding jobs in Wisconsin.

"A lot of the things he's doing in Madison are helping us as a small business. It's great to have a government that has the same vision as small businesses," said Steven Hurley, an Operations Manager with Pro Products.

With the recall election behind him, Walker says he's not looking back.

"Wisconsin's going to head in the right direction. We're going to move forward. I think that's good for all the people. It's how we bring people together," he said.

Democrat or Republican, Walker says all Wisconsinites have the same goals for the state.

"I said Tuesday night, the election is done. We don't have opponents anymore. We're all Wisconsinites, and I think for the foreseeable future we want to continue down that path to figure out how we bring people together," said Walker.

The governor says he won't waste any time reliving the past. He plans to continue touring the state, focusing on helping small businesses grown and putting more people back to work.

"I wanted to make it fundamentally clear that it wasn't a time to celebrate. It was a time to heal, a time to move on, and I'm doing it in the best way possible which is getting right back to work," he said.