Recall's National Impact


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Recall's National Impact

By Brian Miller. CREATED Jun 6, 2012

Green Bay—All eyes continue to look toward Wisconsin following the state’s historic recall election. Now, many across the country wonder what the governor's victory means for the presidential election this November.   

The state's Republican Party is energized following the governor's decisive win, but democrats say Wisconsin will remain a blue state this November, despite what the most recent election results suggests.

“It's very possible that Wisconsin after the November election is totally a red state, which if you look at the transformation over several elections is somewhat, is surprising,” said political analyst David Littig.

Exit polling shows President Obama leads over Mitt Romney, but Brown County Republicans say their party has all the momentum.

"If we do ride the wave and the glorious but not done yet philosophy I think we could go toward the conservative way I think Wisconsin is in play this time,” said Brown County republican Mark Becker.

 “The democratic party in Wisconsin is very strong, I don't think that the recall results reflect that, I think it was very plain to me that a lot of people do not support recalls, we will be strong going into November,” said Brown county Democrat Deb Stover.

Either way, Littig says, Wisconsin should be a battleground state for the presidential race.

“Certainly Wisconsin is much more vulnerable for the Obama camp, it's a wake-up call,” Littig said.

It should be a key battleground state that will once again force the nation's eyes toward Wisconsin.

Political experts predict both President Obama and Mitt Romney will be campaigning in Wisconsin as the November election nears.