Kids Train for 2012 Bellin Run

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Kids Train for 2012 Bellin Run

By Mike Conroy. CREATED Jun 4, 2012

Thousands of kids will be a part of the 2012 Bellin Run on June 9th.  There is a special program to help a group of 3rd to 8th graders train for the race. Tia DeLeers from Bellin Health leads the Kids for Running campaign explains,  "it's a way to get kids running and on the street away from the TV, to get them active and to be amongst their friends.

The program gets a lot of support from Suamico Elementary School. " This is our fifth year that we've had the program and every year we get more and more kids;" Michele Nigbur tells us. "This year we have about 35 kids signed up. We have 3 teachers that train with the kids but we also have at least 4 or 5 parents that come that are very dedicated and help us."

Parents are key to helping their kids succeed says Paige Boehm who's running in the June 9th race. " We get to keep working harder and harder every day to run these miles and get better and better".  The Wall of Kids program started 12 years ago. Today, there are more than 3,800 kids involved from almost 70 school districts in Wisconsin.

You can watch the kids run the 2012 Bellin Run on Saturday June 9th on MyNEW32. Live coverage begins at 7:00am